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Learn skills and upgrade Echo(=player character) to beat enemies.

This game is versus fighting style platformer action so you can kick enemies asses with variant combos.

the combo system is simple:
'normal attack -> opener -> drive -> finisher. (or more powerful skill)'
You can cancel the current attack with next step skill.
You can use drive or finisher skills directly, but skills will be slower(=more frame before an attack frame)than cancel combo.

However, if you use steamshift mode(special1 key. 'Space' in default), you can freely cancel every skill until all steam gauge runs out. You can configure keys in-game pause menu.

the gamepad is not fully compatible, so I recommend using a keyboard.


Directional Key(←→↑↓): Move character
Punch: Z (Confirm)
Kick: X (Cancel /  show skill learning menu at Upgrade menu)
Jump: C
Guard: L-Shift
Special: Space
Pause: ESC
Upgrade menu toggle: Tab

More combat feature:
1. you can heat charge(= similar with the V-reversal feature in SFV) with ↓↓+ F in default.
2. Phantom drive: summon Phantom that uses skills you chose and equipped into(similar with calling striker in KOF series) with →→+ F in default.

Test Functions:

Save game - press U while in battle stage.
Refill Steam gauge - press I while in battle stage.
Spawn Enemy - press J/K/L while in battle stage. (L: Boss)
Earn EXP - press P while in battle stage.

currently, this game has procedurally generated dungeon feature. (like rogue-lite) However, the game is skeletal status and not balanced and tweaked at all. So you can test and get the feeling of purpose, or pursuit of my game but not enjoyable I think.

ECHO: S00 is (will be) a big tutorial for versus fighting games with PvE single play with some storyline. You do not have to fit yourself into some weird premade character, but instead, you can choose skills and extra features(like double jump, evasion, just guard, etc.) as you want and start learning the versus game's how-to.

Yes. In this game, every skill(even plain punch) is not fixed, and you can 'choose' the skills an combos as you want. You don't want high jump? Ok. Take that out. And you want high kick rather than middle kick? Ok. Switch it. Oh, you leveled up! Try to learn a new skill! just like that.

That customizable skill system is actually made for 'preventing excuses' like this: "hey, this character's skill command is weird! What? Practice makes perfect? Screw you! I quit!", "are you guys saying this is the character for a newbie? Hell no! This dummy doesn't even have a leg trip, and I have to jump all the time! Go away you fighting game nerds! Shoo! Shoo!".

I like fighting games, but every fighting game has own gimmicks so that 'fit into the game' process was a pain in the neck every time. And I think that's the main reason of many fellow gamers throw fighting games away before they got to know how to grind their skills and use to it. It's like learning to ride a bicycle, but with one hand, eyes closed, in the middle of a goddamn thunderstorm with mocking jerks around you. Bicycle riding itself is hard enough when you don't know how to ride it!

So this game's purpose is not a monkey tutorial, like indicate F key to the players for use punch. Anybody can do that and doesn't much help when you don't know when and where. I don't want to make another fresh disposable newbie beat up easily. I want new players to learn the way to overcome and help them to find the fun inside of fighting games.

My dev. roadmap contains tutor system too: If players lost a match(both PvE and PvP), then game analyze the match and show them the main reason of lost and suggest the solution with instant replay. Of course, it can't be perfect, but It will surely lower the frustration of losing without knowing why. (you know, 'wtf just happened' moments.)

Maybe my aim is too high. Maybe this game will become mediocre sidescroller with overcomplicated mechanics. I don't know. But at least I'll try.

I was working on character maker now which you can make your character and add into the game, but GameMaker engine doesn't handle the runtime imported image very well(especially in loading. loading time is terribly slower if using imported character), so It's not promising to be honest. So... My next step will be the single-player stages and stories.

I have a full-time job, so development is pretty slow for now.

music and sound effect in this game are from freesound.org and DLsound.

have fun!


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